Sowing the Pig Field

IMG_2768The pigs don’t arrive for a week still, but today we began seeding the area that will be their summer salad (and grain) bar. Yesterday Emmet tilled about 1/4 acre and today we seeded about half of it into a forage mix for the pigs to “hog down.” In the first section we planted peas, oats, spring wheat, spring barley, triticale, turnips, kale, and tillage radishes. This will be the pig’s late spring/early summer forage. In the midsummer, before corn and clover come into the mix, they will have many of the same grains, brassicas, and legumes as before, but with the addition of vetch, clover, and alfalfa. We also seeded these today.

(Above: the seed mix of grains, brassicas, and legumes. Below: Emmet mixing the seed, and broadcasting it in the field)


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