Mail Delivery

At six o’clock on Friday morning, the phone rang with an unfamiliar number. The call, however, was IMG_2718one I’d heard before. Without needing to hear the message, I knew it said (in so many words), get this racket out of here. Half an hour later I was knocking on the door of the still-closed Mount Horeb post office, and the woman who opened the door looked relieved that I’d come. Behind her among the stacks of unsorted letters and packages was a box, chirping at a volume far too loud and perky for the hour: a hundred Freedom Ranger chicks had arrived from the Pennsylvania hatchery.

IMG_2717The new chicks are the first real life of this growing season on the farm, aside from the tiny plants growing in our cold frame. Having them here feels like a real beginning. Since their arrival, they have been keeping warm and busy in their new home in the basement. They’re cute and fluffy now– within a week they will begin to grow wing feathers and outgrow their basement home. Once it’s warm enough, we will move them out into their mobile house with a heat lamp at night for warmth.

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