About Us


Emmet Fisher and Cella Langer run Oxheart Farm. The farm is located near Hager City, WI.  We are young farmers in our ninth season, although we grew up surrounded by vegetables and farm animals and we have worked on farms around the country.

One of the things we love about farming is it allows us to live a life rich in good food. Our goal is to pass that richness on to our customers with as much breadth and depth as possible by growing and raising many different products and offering food for sale during as much of the year as possible. To that end, as we grow as a business, we hope to grow by adding new enterprises and weeks to our farming season, remaining small in the number of customers we need to keep us afloat. In this way we will mimic the diversified family farm of the past–small scale, resilient, and sufficient.

Our farming practices are based on a tendency towards self-reliance, and a belief that the more we can diversify and avoid off-farm inputs, the more evident any ecological imbalances would be. Our goal is to do more than sustain the part of the world that we tend, but to also improve it slowly over time.

We offer Spring, Summer, and Fall CSA shares of vegetables, as well as meat and eggs.