Milk and yogurt from our grassfed cows are available for purchase at our farm on Thursdays and Sundays from 2-7pm, or from Whole Earth Coop in River Falls. Dairy sales at the farm are open for the season! First come first serve, pay by cash or check. Or Click here to sign up for a Dairy CSA Share– prepay to reserve weekly milk and/or yogurt for pickup at the farm!

Our milk is whole and non-homogenized, so the cream comes to the top (great for coffee). We package it in glass half-gallon bottles. $5/half gallon with a $3 refundable deposit on the returnable glass bottle. Our yogurt is available in plastic, plain quarts or flavored pints for $5.

Our Ayrshire cows are rotationally grazed on pasture from May-November, and fed hay in the wintertime. They are raised without the use of routine antibiotics. Young calves remain with their mothers from birth to eight weeks. We use a bucket milking system and handle all of our milk in small batches in our on-farm Grade A creamery. This includes vat pasteurization of the milk.