IMG_2913Please note, we are not raising meat chickens in 2016! We will have chicken and duck eggs for sale this year instead. Thanks!

We rotationally graze Freedom Ranger chickens in our pasture. When the birds are a week old we put them outside onto fresh grass and move them daily in mobile chicken coops. Once they are large enough, we pasture our chickens in mobile fencing and move them twice a week so as to maximize their foraging opportunities. These birds are never on dust, dirt, or cement! They scratch to their hearts content. In addition to the plants, insects, and seeds that the chickens find foraging, they also eat transitional-organic sprouted oats and corn for feed.

Chicken: A chicken share includes 5 dressed, whole birds. We raise our chickens to 12 weeks old and approximately 4 lbs. butchered weight. Exact weights will vary. We butcher the chickens on the farm in accordance with WI state regulations. $100 


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